Computer upgrades can cover a number of different internal components but some will have significantly more impact per pound spent than others. I can upgrade Hard drives, Memory (RAM), graphics cards (Desktop PC’s only), perform processor replacements along with other replacements.

But the two most cost effective upgrades that give the greatest real world improvements are:

  • Replace a standard hard drive (HDD) with an Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Increase the amount of RAM your computer has*
 If replacing components isn’t something you would be interested in, many PC’s performance can be improved slightly by a good cleanup.

SSD Upgrade Package

My SSD upgrade package includes:

  • Copying of all data – including documents, photos, videos and applications onto a new SSD Hard drive.
  • Purchase of the new hard drive
  • Installation of the new drive into the laptop or desktop

This will generally reduce start times from 3-4 minutes down to between 30 and 60 seconds and reduces program opening times from upwards of a minute down to 5-10 seconds.

SSD Hard Drive upgrade prices start from £70** dependant by the size of the SSD drive required.

For a more in depth read on SSD vs HDD here is an article from Tech Radar covering the subject https://www.techradar.com/news/ssd-vs-hdd-which-is-best-for-your-needs

RAM Upgrade Package

My RAM upgrade package includes:

  • Assessment of the device
  • Correct RAM selection – speed and capacity
  • Cleaning of the inside of your device
  • Purchase of the new RAM
  • Installation of the new RAM  into the Laptop or desktop
  • Testing of the RAM to confirm no issues post install

RAM upgrades reduce the workload of the HDD or SSD it allows the pre-loading of applications by Windows to allow near instant opening of regularly used programs.

Prices start from £40** dependant of the speed and capacity of the RAM module required.

*for standard PC usage anything over 8GB will have a negligible impact on performance
**correct at time of writing October 2022

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