Keeping Your Files Safe

Making sure you’ve backed up all of your important documents and precious photos and videos is becoming more and more important. It’s great that we can now store such things on our computers and even our phones – but how do you make sure it’s protected and safe?

I can help you utilise Microsoft Office 365 to backup all of your files, photos, videos and more for a low yearly cost which also includes full access to Microsoft Office and the ability to access your files across your devices.

Certain retails chains will sell you both Microsoft Office and their own backup product totalling over £300* and leaving without updated software in the process. Aidan Brown IT’s setup keeps you up to date and costs far less, saving you over £100 for the same period and as the number of years increase the cost savings increase as well!

With the correct configuration you can save time and money dealing with multiple licences for multiple companies. Let me setup your device backups, with Microsoft Office 365, and save money compared to the alternatives.

If you need multiple accounts, for the kids or just to keep your files seperate. You can upgrade to the multi user licence for £20 per year extra. This reduces the cost per person even further – installation cost would increase by £15 per additional device configured.

* based upon costs over a 3 year period

There are no lock ins to continue to use Aidan Brown IT after the initial purchase and setup.

I can supply legitimate Microsoft Office 365 licences without setup  for less than the auto renewal price from Microsoft directly.

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