Camcorder Video Conversion

One of the issues with technology is that it never stops evolving! Not so long ago, we were recording memories of our family and friends on the latest camcorder saving those important moments on tapes in a format which is now, of course, out of date.

With my Camcorder Video Conversion service*  I can put your videos in the latest format (MP4) that can be played on any laptop, mobile or computer. These files can be backed up**  so you won’t lose them. 

To find out more, please get in touch, and we’ll arrange a quick call to understand how I can help, how much needs converting and a no obligation quote.

*You will need to have the original camcorder the tapes were recorded on.

**setting up the backup of your video files is a separate charge see Keeping Your Files Safe. The standard service includes your files being made available to you to download for a limited time via a restricted to you OneDrive. This can be changed to a USB stick for a small fee.

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