Computer Checkup

If your PC, Laptop or Mac is running slow or making a lot of noise, I will be able to put that right for you and get your device running smoothly again.The computer checkup includes:
  • Disk defragmentation (a process which organises files to help your computer to run more efficiently)
  • Virus and spyware check with industry award winning applications
  • Physical cleaning of your laptop or PC
  • Review of installed applications which may be affecting you device performance
  • Recommendations to help speed the system up if available

There are many things that can cause your device to slow down and start lagging, and sometimes these take a while to resolve. Before I take your computer for its health check I will give you an idea of how long it will take and keep you updated throughout the process. So the next time you see your computer, it will be back to its best!

The computer checkup is £50. (£40 for residents of Aylesford, Burham and Eccles)

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