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1 Person

Microsoft Office 365 Personal
This product is a one-year license for Microsoft 365 Personal. It’s a subscription for one person, and can be installed on 5 devices. The subscription will not be renewed automatically at the end of the year. You will receive an email reminder a month before the subscription ends, asking if you wish to renew.

Renewing your subscription
You can use this product to renew your subscription for one year. Renewing is very easy, just enter the new license code into your Office account and it’s done! A new installation of the software is not required. When you activate the license a full year will be added, so you will not lose any time on a running subscription.

This product can be installed in all languages offered by Microsoft (e.g. English, Spanish, French, Dutch etc.). You will need to choose your preferred language before installation. You may set the Spelling & Grammar check in a different language.


For detailed information please see Microsoft’s website


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Microsoft 365 – Personal
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